Solminol's Commissions


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Discord: @solphase
Telegram: @solminol

Commissions may also be purchased via Ko-fi

Scene | $65

  • Additional large characters +$10 each

  • Smaller characters (simple creatures, pets) are free of charge

Fullbody | closed

  • Transparent fullbody art of a single character

  • Can be used as masterlist art on Lorekeeper sites

WIP! new examples to be drawn

200x200px Doodle | 2 for $7

  • Icon sized doodles

  • Since you get two (2) of these, two different characters may be requested, or it can be two icons of a single character. Gifts of other people's characters OK.

  • Can be used as icons or Lorekeeper site character thumbnails

Character Designs | $40

  • !!!Design commissions must use the commission form in the link above!!!

  • You will receive whatever concept sketches I create and one fullbody

  • Any species, feral and/or anthro (including closed ones) is OK

  • ARPG species OK. I participate in Pouflons, Ranebopets, and StrudelCafe so I'm familiar with those species and traits the most!

Want Something Else?

  • I am totally open to doing other kinds of commissions not shown here! Any sort of art type or style I've done before is fair game. Just ask me and I'll give you a quote.

  • Some examples of other kinds of art: Headshots/busts, background art, black/white sketches, reference sheets, vintage/retro style

Terms of Service

By commissioning me you agree to all terms below

General Terms

  • I have the right to refuse or refund your commission for any reason.

  • You have the right to request a WIP shot at any time.

  • You are allowed to modify (cropping, resizing, flipping) your art. You may not edit it in any way (redrawing it, changing colors, etc.)

  • You may repost and share your artwork anywhere as long as proper credit is given. (A simple by solminol from Deviantart/Twitter/etc. is fine!)

  • I retain full rights to my artworks.


  • Payment is handled via Paypal invoices.

  • Work will not begin until payment has been sent.

  • Refunds may be requested for any reason and at any time EXCEPT if your commission is already completed.

Will draw

  • Most species! Feel free to ask if I'll be okay drawing a specific animal

  • Original species (midveilers, pouflons, etc.)

  • Fanart/fancharacters

  • Anthros

  • Human(oids)s (doodles/chibis only!)

Ask First

  • Mature Themes (drugs/alcohol/suggestive poses etc.)

  • Mecha and armor

Won't draw

  • Explicit NSFW

  • Offensive Content